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Professional Organizations

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, ASABE

North American Benthological Society, NABS

American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE

Energy Management Institute, EMI

American Meteorological Society, AMS

Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE

American Geophysical Union, AGU

Collegiate Organizations


Alpha Epsilon

ASABE student club

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Cowboy Motorsports

BAE sites

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AGMACH$: Agricultural Field Machinery Cost Estimation Software program site.
AGMACH$: Agricultural Field Machinery is a Cost Estimation Software program that is windows based. The website offers machinery cost analysis and other calculation tools to predict necessary expenses and maintenance to operate your agricultural enterprise.

Agricultural Machinery Systems
Agricultural Machinery Systems: This site contains Extension Fact Sheets from land grant universities across the country. They are organized by field tasks such as seeding, grain harvesting, and etc. Also listed are OSU faculty who have expertise in the area of agricultural machines.

Agweather: Agweather is a FREE online tool that keeps you ahead of Oklahoma's changing weather. It uses the Oklahoma Mesonet to deliver the latest weather data. You’ll have the info you need, when you need it to meet Oklahoma’s weather challenges.

Agweather and the Oklahoma Mesonet are jointly managed by Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma. Weather data is collected automatically and updated every 5 minutes from the 120 statewide Oklahoma Mesonet towers.

BAE Fact Sheets
OSU's BAE Extension fact sheets provide research-based information on a wide variety of subjects in regard to agriculture, economic development, family and consumer sciences and youth development.

BAE Labs
BAE Labs: The Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Laboratory is a facility that contains several laboratories and departmental shop support.

Biobased Products and Energy Center
OSU Biobased Products and Energy Center: The mission of the Center is to conduct research and provide educational programs in environmentally-sound biobased product and energy development leading to the establishment of sustainable bioenergy and biorefinery industries in Oklahoma.

Hydraulic Engineering Research Unit
Hydraulic Engineering Research Unit: The USDA ARS Hydraulic Engineering Research Unit conducts research to:
  • Develop criteria for design and analysis of safe, economical structures and channels for the conveyance, storage, disposal, and measurement of runoff water;
  • Develop basic knowledge of the hydraulics of surface water flows for use in planning measures needed for environmentally appropriate control of runoff water and/or assessing the safety and efficiency of existing measures; and
  • Determine the ability of vegetation, riprap, and/or various manufactured materials to protect hydraulic structures and channels from erosion.

  • Oklahoma EPSCoR Bioenergy Research and Educational Outreach Initiative
    Oklahoma EPSCoR Bioenergy Research and Educational Outreach Initiative: The goal of this research effort is to develop enhanced methods to extract biofuels from switchgrass. The bioenergy science team is led by Dr. Raymond Huhnke, Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Okla.; and Dr. Lance Lobban, University of Oklahoma in Norman, Okla. Research is performed at OSU, OU and the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation in Ardmore, Okla.

    Oklahoma Mesonet
    Oklahoma Mesonet: The Oklahoma Mesonet is a system designed to measure the environment at the size and duration of mesoscale weather events. The Oklahoma Mesonet is a world-class network of environmental monitoring stations. The network was designed and implemented by scientists at the University of Oklahoma and at Oklahoma State University. There is also a mobile site at http://m.mesonet.org.

    OK-FIRE: OK-FIRE is a weather-based decision support system which has been developed for wildland fire managers throughout Oklahoma. Applications include both wildfire and prescribed fire.

    Plans and Building Information Services
    Plans and Building Information Services: The materials available on this website are designed to increase your knowledge of building and equipment requirements for agricultural enterprises and to help you compare building and equipment alternatives. You are strongly encouraged to obtain and study the appropriate handbooks or digests before any major investment in buildings or equipment.

    Poultry Waste Management
    Poultry Waste Management: This website is designed to provide information to persons who are required to obtain initial and annually updated Poultry Waste Management Training.

    Stormwater and Low Impact Development
    Stormwater and Low Impact Development: The OSU Stormwater and Low Impact Development (LID) program is an interdisciplinary research and extension program addressing stormwater management and control issues in Oklahoma. A specific focus of the program is low impact development, which are engineered controls for stormwater management which utilize and enhance natural processes and include rainfall harvesting, rain gardens, pervious pavement, green roofs, and wetlands. For more information on the program, visit lid.okstate.edu.

    Sun Grant Initiative – South Central Region
    Sun Grant Initiative – South Central Region: The Sun Grant Initiative is a national program established to create new solutions for America's energy needs and to revitalize rural communities by working with land-grant universities and their federal and state laboratory partners on research, education, and extension programs.

    Waste Management Engineering
    Waste Management Engineering: There is no such thing as waste. In the process of making things, we also create byproducts. If the byproduct has no value it is a waste product, but everything has some value, so let's call it "undervalued byproduct". The three main program areas in waste management engineering are: materials handling, systems operations and waste treatment.

    Water Quality Programs
    Water Quality Programs: The OSU Water Quality Program coordinates research and extension in the areas of drinking water, environmental quality and waste management, nutrients and watersheds, pond management, rural/urban environment, water conservation and policy, and youth programs. To find out more about OSU’s water quality program, visit our website at waterquality.okstate.edu.

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    Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources


    OCES county office directory

    Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center

    SUNUP - BAE SUNUP regulars are Randy Taylor, professor and extension machinery specialist; Wayne Kiner, lab manager; and Al Sutherland, extension assistant specialist with Oklahoma Mesonet and Agweather. SUNUP is your place for Oklahoma agriculture. You can find video resources to help you with projects in the home, field or shop. Videos feature Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service experts.

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    College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology


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    OSU pages



    Hire System



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    Oklahoma resources


    Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry

    Oklahoma Bioenergy Center

    Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

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    Federal resources


    Agriculture Research Service

    ARS, Grazinglands Research Laboratory

    ARS, Conservation and Production Laboratory

    U.S. Department of Agriculture

    U.S. Department of Energy - Bioenergy

    U.S. National Science Foundation

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 6

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    Stillwater community resources


    City of Stillwater

    Stillwater NewsPress

    Stillwater Public Schools

    Other resources

    Worldwide Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Directory

    The Environmental Working Group

    Microsoft Research Maps (formerly Microsoft Terra Server - satellite photos)

    Ground Water Protection Council, GWPC

    Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies, CAST

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